How To Make Your Own Will Without A Lawyer

How To Make Your Own Will Without A Lawyer

Writing a will isn't something that most young people think about. However, if you're over the age of 18 and you have possessions in your name, then it's a good idea to consider keeping a will.

It may be the only insurance you have against worst-case scenarios. If you are past the age of 30, and you have a family or own a business, then you should definitely have a will.

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Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous world, where the worst could happen at any moment. People find themselves facing life-threatening accidents every single day. It’s the responsible choice to write a will for both your own sake and your family’s.

There are two main types of will:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Living Will

Your last will and testament are what is read when you die. It dictates which family members are entitled to which of your possessions, what your burial wishes are, and if you have children, who their legal guardian should be.

Your living will is equally important and states what your wishes are should you sustain a horrible accident that renders you unable to communicate or puts you in a coma.

It tells your family where you wish you stay, how long you should be kept on life support, and dictates who should be in charge of your affairs until your recovery or eventual death.

Writing your will is a lot more complex than just scribbling some words on a piece of paper. It is an in-depth legal process, which most individuals seek professional legal help with.

If you're willing to do a little bit of personal research and teach yourself some legal terminology, then writing your own will is entirely possible! Let's take a look at how to draft a will.

Research Your State Rules

The first step before you write your own will is to research the laws and regulations in the state that you live in. Different states will have their own rules regarding how a will should be written, how it should be notarized, and how many witnesses should be involved.

While most states are similar, it’s important to adhere to every single rule that your state has. Failing to do so can result in your entire will being denied.

Your estate will be left in shambles after your passing, and your family could lose everything. It’s a good idea to at least consult an online legal service for advice.

Designate Beneficiaries

This is the entire reason for writing a will. In situations where people have forgotten to designate their beneficiaries, the whole family sometimes falls apart due to fighting and arguing over who gets what.

No family should ever have to go through this, especially not after the loss of a loved one. However, it happens every day because people failed to write their will.

This is also very important if you own a family business or own shares in another company. When you pass on, you will need to leave your business in good hands.

Will Beneficiary

Businesses without leadership will often completely crumble in a few short months. It is vital for you to decide who the next leaders of your company are, and how your shares are to be divided.

Before you draft your first do it yourself will, you need to spend a considerable amount of time thinking and writing your ideas on scratch paper. You should consult your family member and figure out who deserves what, and who the most responsible members of your family are.

After you've thought long and hard about it, write down a list and triple-check it. These are going to be the primary beneficiaries of your will.

Tips For Writing Actual Will

Now that you've got the most important part out of the way let's take a look at some tips to write a DIY wills.

Choose Your Executors Well

Your executor(s) are the people who are going to be responsible for ensuring that your will's wishes are fulfilled after death. This is a huge responsibility, and you need to choose somebody who is up for the task that you can trust. They will be handling large sums of money and all of your personal possessions.

Appoint Guardians

If you have underage children, then you need to choose a close friend or family member who you trust to be appointed as your children's’ legal guardian until they come of age. This will ensure that your kids don’t go into the foster care system or end up with an unsuitable relative.

Sign Your Will

Perhaps this goes without saying, but an unsigned will is useless in the eyes of the law. A lot of people forget this final step. It can be easy to get caught up researching and writing the other details of your will that you forget this one vital step. You need to sign your will in the presence of two witnesses for it to be considered legal.

How Can Online Legal Services Help With Writing Your Will?

By now you’ve probably realized that do it yourself wills are a little bit more complicated than you may have expected. If that is the case, then there are quite a few online legal services that can help you.

These online legal services can take care of just about any troubles you have other than physically represent you in court. One of the most popular services by far is their online will writing services.

Orange Button Legal Services

All users need to do is pay a one-time fee (that is far cheaper than going to a lawyer's office) or sign up for an inexpensive monthly subscription, and they will have access to legal aid.

They will present you with a digital form and ask you to fill in your personal information. After you’ve done this their experienced team of law staff will draft a will, and will share it with you to make sure that all of the details are correct.

Within days you could have your own will fully complete and delivered to both your email and your physical address. The only thing that you would have to do is sign it in the presence of two witnesses, and you would be completely finished.


As you’ve seen writing your will without the aid of a professional lawyer is easy to accomplish. You can do your own legal research, print the documents and draft them yourself or you can use a simple online legal service to achieve even quicker results.

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