LegalZoom: An Individual Review

LegalZoom: An Individual Review

Those who are in the beginning stages of starting a business are well aware of the documentation that needs to be done. Hiring a lawyer to help you complete all those business-related forms will make a considerable dent in your wallet

Thanks to modern technology, anything related to legal documentation doesn’t require a physical lawyer.

LegalZoom took all the legal documentation services that a lawyer offers and converted it to an online format. With the help of this online legal service, you can complete all your necessary documentation from the comfort of your home.

Legal Zoom Office

Keep in mind that this is only one facet of the many services that LegalZoom offers. Continue reading to familiarize yourself with the history behind LegalZoom.

About The Service

The minds behind LegalZoom realized the significant effect that the Internet was going to have on businesses and the way we do business, so they decided to get ahead of the game.

In 1999, LegalZoom was created to make legal assistance available to any American that had access to the Internet. Since it was a new concept at the time, it took a couple of years for LegalZoom to gain the widespread popularity it now has today.

Around the early 2000’s, LegalZoom launched ten legal services that focused on three areas. Those three areas included forming businesses, intellectual property protection, and estate planning. It was during this launch of new services that LegalZoom started to become widely utilized.

A decade later, LegalZoom's reputation started growing, and a lot more businesses started to opt out for an independent lawyer network. People knew that they could receive the personalized legal advice they required at an affordable cost.

Once 2015 hit, you can say that LegalZoom reached the audience it desired since over three million individuals relied on this online legal service for their personal needs. Middle-class Americans finally had a legal solution that didn't cost them an arm and a leg.

Just a year later, over in the United Kingdom, LegalZoom started operating as an official law firm. This does not apply to the LegalZoom available in the United States, but the services didn’t change as the company transitioned to a full-on law firm.

It’s safe to say that LegalZoom revolutionized the law practice industry to make it one that is widely accessible to a variety of people, and not only ones that have the money to afford an attorney. 

What Sets LegalZoom Apart?

Diverse Legal Advice Options

LegalZoom offers a variety of legal services that cover fields that are business-related, estate-related, or personal-related. We will give a run through of what’s expected when you attempt to create a will using LegalZoom’s services.

Easy To Use

You'll first have to create a login to sign yourself into the LegalZoom database. Once you successfully log in to your account, you need to click on their estate planning document service. There you'll find estate documents related to wills and trusts.

Man Talking On Cellphone

LegalZoom goes above and beyond to ensure you know exactly what each legal document means. They do so by providing a short detailed description regarding the estate documents that LegalZoom can prepare on your behalf.

You’ll want to refer to the education center to receive an introduction to wills and to familiarize yourself with legal terminology that’s foreign to you.

To create your will, you’ll be asked numerous questions regarding your personal life that would be necessary for a will. Any question that confuses you can be further examined in the help section.

If you prefer to speak to an actual person, you should feel free to call their toll-free number during normal business hours to discuss any questions you may have.

Low Cost

For less than ten dollars a month, you'll have access to LegalZoom's entire library of top-tier attorney-created forms. You have other membership options that cover a variety of legal needs that can cost you up to $400 a year. That's how much a single visit to a lawyer would cost you.

LegalZoom also has tax accountants ready to help you plan out a financial strategy, which can come in handy if you're just starting to create your first business. As you can see, LegalZoom wants to make particular legal services available to everyone.



  • Affordable
  • Numerous Legal Services
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Some inconsistencies with the Legal Documents

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have a deeper understanding of what LegalZoom is and how you can effectively use it to your advantage than you did before. LegalZoom is the future of how we complete legal tasks that involve documentation.

For those who have further questions or comments, you should feel free to leave them below. We will make it our priority to respond quickly.

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