LawDepot: An Individual Review

LawDepot: An Individual Review

Since 2001, LawDepot has been attempting to make its way in the online legal technology market by offering a simple service that makes going to an actual lawyer seem unnecessary.

Over 2 million individuals have utilized LawDepot services to produce more than 4 million legal documents. At the end of the day, all these individuals collectively saved billions of dollars in regards to legal fees.

Every time you go to a law firm for help regarding legal documentation, you end up having to pay a standard legal fee that can rack up if you're a small business attempting to certify yourself. Thankfully, LawDepot allows you to customize legal documents easily, so you don't have to waste your money on legal fees.

Legal Forms Benefits

LawDepot has an elaborate library of legal documents that cover vast law fields, which means that this online legal service will come in handy in a variety of legal situations.

Law firms tend to have a specialization, so you need to locate a lawyer everytime you have a legal issue that's relevant to your situation. With LawDepot, you can rest assured that they will have the tools to help you figure out the legal situation you're in.

Some of the documents that LawDepot has readily available cover protecting your property, setting up a business, estate planning, and much more.

You might wonder how LawDepot was able to find such an extensive library, and the answer is simple. LawDepot does have a team of lawyers that have been the minds behind the whole library operation.

About The Service

Keep reading for an in-depth look at what services that LawDepot can offer you.

User-Friendly Set-Up

If you're still torn about whether or not you should use LawDepot, you'll be happy to hear that LawDepot offers a free trial subscription for individuals in those same exact predicaments.

All you have to do is create a free account, and give LawDepot a test run to see if it’s something that you’ll make good use of in the future. During the free trial subscription, you’ll have available all of the documents in LawDepot’s library.

Customize Documents

Keep in mind that these documents can all be customized to your particular legal situation, downloaded, and printed out in a matter of five to ten minutes. You get all of this with no strings attached, which is some of the best news you can hear when you have to fill out legal documents.

While you customize your document, LawDepot will ask you several questions relevant to the document you'll be creating. Sometimes the questions aren't thorough enough, and the user ends up making a mistake while filling out the legal documentation.

Don't fret because LawDepot has been improving its step-by-step question guide to avoid problems such as those in the future.



  • Saves You A lot of Money
  • Tons of Documents Available
  • Create a Legal Document within 10 minutes
  • plus-circle
  • Sometimes users make mistakes while filling out Documents

Final Verdict

Those skeptical about online legal technology should give LawDepot a try before you dismiss the service entirely. Since LawDepot offers a free trial subscription, you should take advantage of that offer and familiarize yourself with how online legal services operate.

Illustration Of Two Hands Signing Papers

The more you get the hang of filling out legal documents, the less likely you’re prone to make a mistake.

For those who still have further questions or comments, you should leave them below. We will make it our top priority to provide you the answers you need.

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